Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Boredom's Attention

You would think that being a mother of a toddler, boredom would be gracious gift. Mwehh...not really. I mean, being with my toddler is great on many levels, but when I actually get some me time while she's napping or finally playing by herself, I dont know what to do with myself. I love reading, but that can get boring too, especially when I read so fast (three books in one week). I suppose it can only engage my attention only long enough. Im reading the Game of Thrones Series now after finishing the Hunger Games Series, but I need something else to give me something to think about and do. Ive been trying to find what my niche is in the world and I have only come down to realizing Im good with children and I feel I would be a good teacher, but that comes down to spending more money to get a degree or certification (whatever the case may be in VA) and who knows if I would even get a job. Besides, I really dont want to work until my DD is in school anyway and I would really only like to do part-time. Ive thought about writing a book, but where and how do I start. I have such an amazingly vivid imagination and my dreams can hold amazing keys to giving me stories. What about selling Avon, Mary Kay or Pampered Chef or another one of those kinds of jobs?
I am starting a garden this year so that will give me something to do. I am learning more and more about sewing and hopefully I will get good enough to make my own skirts and clothes for DD. What about making my own jewelry? would it be worth selling?
I suppose my biggest issue is I need to just do it, but I believe Im worried about failure, but then again, I do know that it could happen, so maybe Im more worried about wasting the money. I suppose I need more justification....(writing a book would be fun, anyone know how I would even begin this?)
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