Wednesday, March 28, 2012


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I became an Avon representative about a month ago. So far I have had five orders. I think that's pretty good since I started such a short time ago. The reason I wanted to become an Avon representative was for a few reasons: I wanted to make some income while also being a stay at home mom (I sometimes can't believe I get to stay home and hang out with my daughter!), I wanted to meet people and make friends, and I really like their products. I've ordered from Avon few times and have had absolutely no complaints. Their prices are fantastic and easily comparable to store brands (if not better, they have been around for 125 years), the products are up to date and they have an outstanding return or exchange program if you're not satisfied!

I will say that some of the people I have met have been really awesome and helpful and full of smiles and wanting to help in any way they can. Ive also come to realize there are some who (sorry for my initial judgement) I would have never suspected they sell (and are apparently very good at it) Avon. I know one woman who is older who does a great job selling, is kind and helpful, has amazing ideas and even has a mini Avon store in her garage. The guy who recruited me does great in sales, recruits well, but is a rather big gentleman and doesn't get back to my emails as I think he should consider how new I am to the world of being in business for myself. The district lady is quite amazing. She's extremely knowledgeable and goes above and beyond helping everyone she can. She's probable in her early 40's and very pretty and well spoken. I've met a younger girl who has been selling since September of last year. She seems younger than me, but answers my questions with a smile. I believe her mom is her guinea pig when it comes to using a product and then she can yay or nay it. I think its a great idea. She's very nice too. Regardless, everyone I have met is very nice and has great ideas. It's hard not to compare yourself with those you see around you selling and representing for the same company. I do hope that I can definitely make something of this pursuit. I may even pick up the My-Thirty-One after six months or so of selling Avon. My thoughts is that they would compliment each other well.

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