Sunday, November 20, 2011

Opportunity and those kind enough to hand it to you

Opportunity - an appropriate or favorable time or occasion

And this is just what I have been given; in so many forms.

It all starts with a decision to move to Radford and go to school there and ends with an amazing trip to the number one place Ive always wanted to visit on my bucket list; Japan.
I joined a sorority and made some amazing gal pals. I even lived with a few. I then got married and moved, but I still remained friends with those who were willing to be my friend too. There was this 'thing' (with lack of term) going on around Facebook called "30 days". It consisted of several things/questions that you were to post about and tag a picture with it. For instance, what is your favorite possession? I would have to say my anime. So I took a picture and posted that as my answer. Well, one of the questions was: whats one place you have always wanted to visit? Well, of course, Japan. So I posted a picture. And to my welcoming surprise, my sorority room mate told me that her husband was going to Japan to teach English and that once they were settled I should come visit. I wonder if she knew at that moment, I was totally going to keep her to that :) But, I was like, wow, what an amazingly kind offer. I mean, Im not going to say I am knowledgable of Japan, but I do know that from watching anime and reading information on Japan that apartments are not big and walking and mass transportation would be the only ways of getting around, yet, I was still offered this opportunity; and Im so grateful! Actually, I have been blessed. If my husband didnt have the job he has now, if I wasnt working part-time to have spending money, I would never have been able to even think of going.

I have never flown before and this plane trip will be almost 24hrs. I wont lie when I say Im actually nervous about this. My accompaning friend has flown before, but like I, has never been out of the country. I dont get neverous before hand about things. I get nervous when it actually happens. Im hoping this means, once I actually get to where they are living in Japan, I would have done so calmly.
Im, also, very much EXCITED!!! The temples, the hot springs, the ferris wheels, the shopping, the cosplay, the anime, the culture, the shrines, the beauty of it all!!!
Im not bringing my computer. I hope two camera cards are enough :)

Until next time...

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