Wednesday, August 24, 2011


Sometimes - on some occasions, at times, now and then

We all have those moments. You know...the ones where you sometimes do this, sometimes do that and sometimes think this and that? Sometimes we share with others what our sometimes are, sometimes we do not. Im going to share a few...

Sometimes I wish for that perfect warm day with the cool breeze blowing, just to feel like Im getting a kiss from Heaven.

Sometimes I get so exasperated being a mom that I want to shut myself up in my bedroom and succumb to the awesomeness of an anime...sometimes!

Sometimes I feel the sudden urge to tell all my friends how dear they are to me; sometimes I do and sometimes I forget.

Sometimes I wish I had an amazing part-time job doing something that involves one of the few things I love most in the world (biology, botany, anime voice acting, singing, and books).

Sometimes I wish my life was more glamorous.

Sometimes I wish I knew who had/has/does truly love me.

Sometimes I wish my headaches andback aches would never come back.

Sometimes I wish I could meet some famous people (Chelsea Handler,Catherine Heigle, Adam Sandler, Timothy Olyphant, Josh Duhamel and others to name my top fave)

Sometimes I wish I was model material.

Sometimes I wish I was bilingual in Japanese.

Sometimes I wish I had the knack for design.

Sometimes I wish I could tell others how I truly feel.

Sometimes I think it best to just keep my mouth shut.

Sometimes I just want to go back to sleep to keep dreaming.

Sometimes I dream about flying in the air and breathing under water.

Sometimes I wish I was an aspiring photographer.

Sometimes I think I was Japanese in a formal life (if the formal life actually existed).

Sometimes I say things that come across in the complete opposite way I meant them to.

Sometimes I wish people would just realize life IS too short to dwell on the hard. Things change, times change and people change. Its how you change along with them that either makes or breaks you.

Sometimes just a phone call, an email or a friendly text can show a lot to someone.

These are just a few of my sometimes. Some are realistic, some are not, but they are all a part of me and I embrace it.

What are some of your sometimes? :)

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