Saturday, February 5, 2011

A new beginning

So many people write blogs and I never really understood why.
Some write about nothing important, some about a specific subject, and others about good and bad things that are happening in their lives. I like that these people are not scared or worried about what they write or what people think or say. I think the human mind is a terrific thing and if someone wants to write about their ideas and thoughts so that others can read it and perhaps live it, learn it, love it, hate it, or follow along in the journey, no matter where it takes you, then that's great.

It makes me wonder how honest can you be with yourself and with those whom you've never met while writing a blog. Can you tell a secret in a way that keeps the secret teller in a place of understanding? Can you get away with telling the world that you really do hate when people cant take the time to spell out their words? These are just few examples of what could potentially be a bigger issue.

The mind is a wonderful thing. I know I have stated that in the beginning, but sometimes, when I have noone to talk to, I feel the need to get opinions; anyone's, everyone's. Do you think that too? Have you ever thought that?

I live in a cave (basement) with wonderful and caring in-laws and Im away from my home in Southwest Virginia and away from my family there (Crackback and 'Nips) and my hubby is in Iraq. So it's no wonder I get a little annoyed when I cant express myself the way I would if I were with the three above mentioned.

I wonder if Ill even keep up with this blog? It could get sporadic in its contents, it could be mispelled in many places and Ill probably not worry about apostrophes. But these are thoughts from Kiraland and most of the time, nothing bad really ever comes out of Kiraland, but when that one little snot of a demon gets through my wall, the fit throwing, anger monster stomps around until the next day when the sun shines, the birds chirp and all is well again.

Welcome to the land of Kira!

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